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Baan La Wadee, Purchase property in Thailand


By Thai law a foreign national is not allowed to own freehold land in Thailand. A Foreigner is allowed to own freehold a building or property developed on land leased by him. Therefore you can own you villa at Baan Lawadee and lease the land for terms of 30 years, plus two additonal prepaid extensions of 30 years each, thus totalling 90 years.


The lease is registered with the land department and the buyers name will be noted on the title deed (Chanote), thereby protecting you under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.


The Baan Lawadee site has been subdivided into six plots. One plot each for the individual villas, and one plot for the roadway. Each of the plots has 100% Chanote title. This is the term giving to land that has been surveyed using GPS and is the certificate for the ownership of the land and proves clear title.